Schooling from Home to Working From Home

Schooling from Home to Working From Home

Online school can be dangerously addicting: once you realize all you can learn online, you begin to wonder what else you can get done online. Perhaps you could even… do work online? This is especially appealing to people who decided to school online because they are parents of small children; having a degree doesn’t make it any easier for you to drop the kids off at a daycare center, or you may find your new job options conflict with a parenting schedule.

This begs the question… can I work from home too?

Yes! And if you haven’t decided on a major yet, then it’s a good idea to consider whether or not you want to before you get a degree. Some degrees are better suited to at home work than others: web design, advertising, software engineering, copy editing, and translation are all examples of jobs that can be done from home, but at not the only ones, either.

In fact, many of these majors are better suited to online schooling. Because they can be performed online, they are much easier to learn online and get the materials for learning online. It becomes easy to set up your work environment.

Not only that, but working from home and working with people up front require different flavors of social skills and understanding, and if you want to work from home and do most of your communication over the internet, you’re going to have to know how to communicate over the internet; this comes naturally with an online degree.

These particular jobs don’t have to be online either, should you change your mind, but each of them requires a degree or benefits heavily from one– a degree you might want to aim for if you’re thinking you may be staying at home for longer than just meeting your educational needs. There’s no need to look into internet scams or even self-employment to earn a living online. You can simply choose to do it as a standard career if you plan ahead for it and get the right degree to attack that angle of the job market.

Think more about your personal needs, learning styles, and life situation. Working from home is as possible as going to school online, so if you have the dream of doing so, or the inkling you may want or need to later, consider and plan for it now. You’ll save yourself time and trouble later.

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